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You’ll save time to search for words which are frequently show up in your standardlized tests.

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We Scan Millions Of Books To Find Only Content With Those Words You Need To Learn

Immerse in as many passages as you want until you undertand the word’s meaning. You’ll be learning the vocabulary naturally without looking at the definitions.

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Long-term Mastery

Learn, Associate, Revise, Practice and then Repeat! We consult and build on the vocabulary learning techniques built from years of research of renowned linguists. Our method help you learn the words deeply and connect to the words personally so you not only know them, you own them.

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Practice With Exam Style Questions

Research has shown practicing exam style questions can significantly improve your score. We integrate tightly exam style training as part of our learning program. 88% of four-year colleges and universities placing moderate or considerable importance on test scores in considering admission where a few percentiles increase makes a difference.

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Word Lists Hand-picked From
Vocabulary Research Findings

Words are not born equal. Some words appear much more frequent and we want to make sure that you learn them first. We handpick these words based on vocabulary research from leading experts to maximize the chance you are well-prepared with your vocabulary.

Daily Word Lists
Daily Word Lists

Most Frequent Words In Your Test

By measuring the required vocabulary levels of the exams you are taking (SAT, ACT, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, ...) and your current vocabulary knowledge, we provide you a tailored word lists for learning.

Own Your Learning

Already know a word? No sweat! You can customize the words you learn from our Word List. Don’t feel like learning it now? “Save it for later” with a simple swipe. Feel like learning another word in the list? “Add your own words” to the current learning list.

Daily Word Lists

Learning-in-context is King!

While reading book is the best way to acquire new vocabulary naturally, you have to read on average of 25 novels (75 minutes of daily reading) to learn about 1000 words¹. Spend just 25 minutes with our app help to you learn as effectively at 1/3 the required time as we deliver the right contexts directly to you.

Daily Word Lists
Daily Word Lists

Relevant Learning Contents Delivered Right To Your Fingertip

Even with search engines like Google, you have to go through a multi-step hassle to learn new vocabulary: check the meaning, surf multiple sites to find examples sentences, select the appropriate samples, check meaning of other new words, save examples into your notes, .... Avoid the unnecessary inconvenience and focus immediately on learning the words with our technology.

Unlimited Learning

The key to effective word learning is exposure to a variety of usage situations. We’ve taken the trouble of scanning through millions of books and contents so you can enjoy an unrivalled (and virtually unlimited) exposure without sweat.

Daily Word Lists

Mastery Cycle

Learn.Associate.Revise.Practice. Learn to know how words appear in context. Associate to personally connect with the words. Revise to internalize your new knowledge. Practice to master its usage. Repeat the cycle to slowly put the words in your long-term memory.

Daily Word Lists
Daily Word Lists

Emotional Association

You often remember emotional events much better than neutral one². During the association phase, we help you remember the words better by prompting you to link the new words to personal events that you remember.

Review & Revise anytime

Sometimes you feel like reviewing the words you have learnt or revise some words you have forgotten. Our WordJar(TM) feature allows you easily review learnt words and pick any words you have learnt to revise again.

Daily Word Lists

Exam-style practice

By carefully analyzing the ways the exam questions are created, we create practice questions modelled after your exam questions. Practicing both similar questions and questions with parallel concepts both significantly improve performance in the real exam³.

Daily Word Lists
Daily Word Lists

Unlimited practice

The more practice you do, the higher chance you receive a higher score⁴. Yet often, there are not enough practice questions for you the hardworking students. We make sure that you can keep practicing. As much as you can!

Put yourself in exam condition

Do you know if you will crack or will perform well under pressure? Use our Timed Practice as a way to understand how you may perform in the real exam and work on areas that you need to improve⁵.

Daily Word Lists

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